The Venue

We have arranged this mega exhibition in one of the most populous cities in Qatar, Doha, which is also its capital. The overall population of the city is around 1.5 million.

The grand expo is going to be held at the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC). It is the most advanced and sophisticated convention center while also being one of the largest event centers in the Middle East.

It is widely popular for its extravagant architecture and is known for hosting a variety of grand corporate and cultural events. Many prestigious and reputable international events for world-renowned artists and distinguished personalities have been held at this place.


Qatar National Convention Center - QNCC

QNCC offers fully flexible and adaptable space options to suit a wide variety of conferences, meetings, exhibitions, performances, concerts, and gala events.

The facilities include:

  • Total venue area of 200,000m².
  • 40,000m² of indoor and outdoor column-free exhibition space with a complete pit and trench services system and modular mobile rigging grids
  • 2 multi-purpose halls can be used for exhibition, conference, or banquet setups
  • Conference Hall for 3,800 delegates
  • 2,300-seat lyric-style Theatre
  • 3 tiered Auditoria that can accommodate 295, 407, and 474 guests respectively
  • 52 meeting rooms ranging from 20 to 150 seat capacity
  • 6 VIP lounges and 7 hospitality suites.
  • Spacious pre-function and exhibition foyers

• Dedicated registration desks, Business Centre, and media rooms


The Exhibition Hall

Niche audience exhibition or large-scale convention? Indoor or outdoor? Our flexible exhibition space has the solution for events of every size. The Centre has nine exhibition halls providing 40,000 m² of light and airy indoor exhibition space. Exhibition Halls 1 to 9 are multi-purpose areas with great flexibility including a complete trenching system. These halls are also supplied with 38,864m² of modular Installed rigging grids, making them perfect for banquets, concerts and other special events.If your choice is for an al fresco event to make the most of the beautiful Doha nights, the Centre’s grounds feature a 3,000m² open space equipped with its own power, water and IT infrastructure.

  • Halls 3-9 offer 35,000m² of exhibition space
  • Halls 1 and 2 offer 4,100m² of flexible use floor space
  • Fully equipped outdoor exhibition space of 3,100m
  • Full colour LED lighting in the exhibition halls
  • All halls are equipped with a pit and trench system
  • Halls 3 to 9 come with a dedicated registration counter, catering kiosk, and hospitality suites.

The Floorplan

Kiosk Specifications

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